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There is a flurry of books today about “Best Practices” Lodges.   The Craft Driven Lodge will delight you how easy it is to stimulate your brethren into action to create a vibrant, fun and fundamentally sound lodge. This book is about specific actions you can take today to see your lodge come alive.

If you want to:

  • Have fun and engaging meetings. Author Hrinko lays out a step by step process to get this done based on four simple core principals. Reading your lodge minutes will no longer be the highlight of your meetings.
  • Get brothers excited about coming to stated meetings again. Dan shows specific examples of how he and the brethren of his lodge got this done without harassing, cajoling, or persuading anyone.
  • Perform meaningful Rituals for your candidates. The Craft Driven Lodge breaks down preparation, execution and review of Ritual performance so each participating brother knows his exact role.

Dan Hrinko believes in four core principles:

  1. Every Mason has a Voice.
  2. Every Mason sees the Vision.
  3. Every Mason has a role.
  4. The Lodge Leadership is “servant leadership.”

These core principles make it easy for the Worshipful Master and all lodge officers to involve even the most “grumpy” of Past Master without confrontation. You’ll be amazed how simple it can be to transform your lodge, with all its traditions, into a vibrant place of Freemason enlightenment, jovial fellowship and impactful charity.

This book is so powerful it caused Brother Terry Wayne Posey, Past Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ohio to say,

“I have (had) confidence that this…will (would) have profound impact on Freemasonry…for years to come. Dan is a passionate craftsman in Freemasonry. He has placed his love and knowledge in this book.”

This book includes 21 beautiful color photographs of lodges and lodge activities, taken by the author, Bro. Daniel Hrinko.

Take advantage of this love and knowledge and put the power of The Craft Driven Lodge at work for you today!

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